CD release concerts: May 18 & June 28, NYC

... fleeting impressionistic sensory snapshots, Jewish narrative melodies, the improvisational world opened by Ornette Coleman, echoes of early jazz ...

In these open explorations of biblical text cantillation, densities and shapes ebb and flow, inviting the listener to discover new and old musical and emotional resonances.

    Tropelets. Layers of interweaving melody, highlighting the sonic beauty of the historical cantorial tradition and the openness, dialog and parallel play found within modern jazz improvisation. A multi-layered duet for piano, soprano saxophone, and a melange of voices.

Tropelets cover art
In loving memory of Stan Gluck

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Free track!: "Jeremiah Speaks"

Brief audio previews

excerpt: "A third Lamentation"

excerpt: "Jeremiah speaks again"

excerpt: "Jeremiah continues to speak"

excerpt: "Esther's story continues"

Painting by Stanley Gluck
Design, mastering, production: Andrea Centazzo
Voices: Elana Gordis, Hazan Jack Kessler
Recording: Scott Lehrer, Mix: Troy Pohl
Bob Gluck: Pianist, composer, and rabbi, Gluck's repertoire spans jazz, live electronic, and avant-garde concert music. Chronogram calls him "an accomplished and passionate pianist in the most elusive tradition of avant-garde masters Cecil Taylor, Andrew Hill, McCoy Tyner, and Don Pullen." Gluck is author of You'll Know When You Get There: Herbie Hancock and the Mwandishi Band.

Andrew Sterman: Saxophonist and composer, Sterman has performed most prominently with the Philip Glass Ensemble, and with Frank Sinatra, Freddie Hubbard, Dizzy Gillespie, Sarah Vaughan, Aretha Franklin, ISCM, EOS Orchestra, Bang On A Can, MATA, on Broadway, and as band leader. The New York Times praises his "beautiful and sensitive playing." The Age (Australia) adds: "a sound as pure as moonlight."